Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Wedding Anniversary

Well our wedding anniversary comes once a year......ya know? This year we thought a good idea may be to find a fly-in bed and breakfast location.

Just Plane Adventures looked like a good option.
  1. Close to Gramas (baby sitter)
  2. Not a long flight
  3. Great rates

Hey why not give it a try?

The RV is down for maintenance right now so we are running the loaner 172.

The start of the whole event included eating lunch on the field at KSHD

Off we go!!


The runway is adequate for all the RV series airplanes.

Check out the place!!!

We had a great time!!!!!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

        We attended our third in a row SERFI on Friday and Saturday. A 30Kt tailwind got us there in a hurry! 
        We arrived Friday evening just in time to set up our tent and head over to our EAA chapter base camp and enjoy a steak supper with friends.
Tent camping with a 3 ½ yo and a 1 ½ yo and the forecast warning of mid-low 30’s made us a bit apprehensive but it was great. Thanks to one of those kind friends loaning us a small propane heater the night wasn’t quite so miserable as I’d feared.
      Here’s a pic of our wing Saturday morning.
              When After enjoying a pancake and sausage breakfast in the red hangar we just strolled around looking at the other aircraft and chatting with owners/builders.  The day warmed quickly and soon we were shedding our jackets.
              Our chapter members had sort of parked together and the remainder of the day we just spent in our camping area hanging out with friends and talking to folks who came by asking about our -10.
              We headed for home at 3:30 and still had time to unpack and shower before heading to Grandpa’s for pizza-ya gotta love an RV! J